Potatobot is a Discord bot. Click on the sections below to find out more about it.

What's the point?

The point is a bot that people can use to manage their server easily and have some fun with the bot as well.

What are the commands?

Commands and their usage can be viewed by typing p.help. However, if you want you can click below to see the bot's features in more detail.

What are the features?

Potatobot can make your dreams come tr- Ahem. Sorry. Potatobot can ban and kick server members, purge messages, get dog and cat pictures, has an 8ball and as well as some other things. Whew! That's a lot and a little at the same time.

"A lot and a little at the same time." Wha?

This is meant to be a compact, easy-to-use bot. Sure, it doesn't nearly have as much features as something like Mee6 or Tatsumaki, but for what it's meant to be, it has a considerable amount of features.

Do you have a Discord for this bot?

Yes, yes I do.

Where can I find some more info about it?

You can find it on the discordbots.org page, which is linked below.

So, does this sound good? No? It doesn't? I'm not surprised. But anyway, if you want to add it to a server of yours, just check the thing below.

I agree that by adding the bot I'll use it reasonably and won't spam the hell out of the commands.

You can join the Discord here.