My Blog

Below is my blog, even though it's mainly info about site updates. Like I said It's nothing interesting.

The Game Files

If you're one of the few people who regularly checks back on this you might notice the new Game Files in the navbar. Even though you can see what it is in the index of it, I'll explain it here anyway. It's basically a site where you can learn about games. Select the one you want to learn about from the dropdown and bam, a page full of info such as what platforms it's on, its characters and etc. Currently, the only page with content is the SMB one, but when I finish that I'll move onto Cuphead. Once again, this info is on the index of Game Files and the not yet completed pages such as the Cuphead one, but incase you're skeptical about whether you should click or not I decided to explain it here. Make sure to check it out, and have a nice day. :) Posted on 4/11/18

Want to nuke stuff?

If the answer is yes, then go to the page with my stuff. You can nuke as many countries as you want, with the government having the slightest doubt of what you're up to! Nuke 1 country. 2. 4. 16. 64. 200. A thousand. A million! Want to nuke the living daylighs out of everything? Get an autoclicker. Then you'll not only nuke countries but literally everything. You have unlimited nukes and the ability to use them. Do it. Do it now. Just go to the stuff page and let the fun begin! Incase you can't find it scroll down. Posted on 4/9/18, updated on 4/11/18.

First Post

As you already know I'm Derp12. (Yes that's my 'full name'. Pretty bad.) And as you know this is the first post ever. So I hope this site and my YouTube channel grows, and that I'll
learn more HTML to add some more cool crap to this site. But thats about it for this. To see the YouTube channel I was talking about at the top search up Derp12 on YouTube. I'll be the one with over 100 subs. Or go to the 'About' page. Posted on 3/18/18.