How this site was made

Picture a guy sitting in front of his computer (not in one sitting thankfully) in front of a computer, on which Microsoft Visual Studio code is running,
in which there are thousands of characters written in the form of HTML and CSS. Pictured that? Good, because that's pretty much how this site was made. I wasn't that particularly good at HTML until recently, but it all changed when I watched a series of many tutorials. I learned all these cool new things about the new HTML5 elements (which this site is made with by the way!), CSS (even though I'm still working on that), and decided to put my knowledge into a site, this one!

About yours truly

About me

There's really not much to say here. I like to eat, sleep, play sports and code stuff. That's why I made this website.

About My YouTube channel

I have a YouTube channel and n case you couldn'tt tell by the sidebar it's about gaming and dumb skits. As a reward for you having the will to check out another part of this site I'll link you to it. Just click the Shrek and it'll take you to it.